Snowboard & ski fitness program from GoPro

Tuesday, 11. 6. 2012  –  Category: Snowboarding

I spotted a tweet from Jeremy Jones last night with a link to a post with the 3rd of 3 videos from his Further camp pals Bibi Tölderer-Pekarek and Mitch Tölderer.

I’ve been slowly ramping up my training, and will see about trying out the recommended routines here. A friend has recently been raving about a similar interval/circuit training approach, so keen to give this a go, starting at the gym tonight.

  • 60 seconds on each exercise, 20 seconds rest.
  • 3-4 laps.
  • Rest 2 minutes between laps.

Snowboard training session 1

  1. Gym ball leg curl – to prevent ACL injuries
  2. Rotational single leg squat – for leg power and back stablisation
  3. Gym ball forearm roll – for core strength
  4. Squat/squat jumps – for power and edurance

Program 1 PDF download

Snowboard workout 2

  1. Lunges – for leg strength
  2. Coordinative pyramid run – for focus and coordination (looks tough!)
  3. Gymball twist – for rotational core stability
  4. Jump up, frontside/backside 180 jump down – leg power, rotational strength

Program 2 PDF download

Snowboard gym program 3

  1. Low and fast squat – for strength, endurance and balance
  2. Plank rotation – for your core
  3. Telemark jumps with weights – for leg power and core stability
  4. Standing scales – for balance and core strength

Program 3 PDF download


4 Responses to “Snowboard & ski fitness program from GoPro”

  1. Shem @ ICE-Valdisere Says:

    What a great article, thanks for posting this. Just in time for this season as well :)

  2. Says:

    Great exercises – Thanks

  3. feonicamartinez Says:

    Thanks for this post. It’s really a big help. Those are great exercises for me.

  4. beginner snowboard Says:

    Nice exercises – are they good for beginners? Or is this more for intense riders trying to take it to the next level? Thanks!

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