Globe Bantam Cruiser skateboard

Saturday, 02. 4. 2012  –  Category: Video

I was the happy recipient of a Globe Bantam Cruiser for Christmas a couple of months ago. I don’t think I’ve owned or even ridden any kind of skateboard since I sold my Santa Cruse Jesse James deck to fund a bass guitar purchase almost 20 years ago! (Wow, time flies, and yes I really am that old!) Whilst looking for a pic of the old deck it turns out that if I’d have kept it, I would have been worth a load more today with one selling on ebay for over $400 in 2008 according to

Santa Cruz Jason Jessee skateboard

It turns out that 20 years later, I haven’t quite lost it (all) yet. The snowboarding and wakeboarding paid off. And what a fun board to ride.

So, a trip down memory lane and a gratuitous vid for my first post this season. On matters snow related, 2 trips so far (the usual Cervinia season opener in December, and Les 2 Alpes over New Year) and 2 to come (Morzine in a couple of weeks, and back to Zell for the season close). Hopefully more posts to come shortly as well.

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  1. Otis Says:

    This board looks amazing. It looks like a collector’s item huh

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