Snowboarding Gear – 2010-2011

Thursday, 10. 16. 2008

Updated for the 2010-2011 season, here are our listings based on the TSW Good Wood reviews:

Best all mountain snowboards over $400

Best park snowboards over $400

Best all-mountain snowboards under $400

Best park snowboards under $400

2009 snowboards
We’re kicking off with the top 10 boards from the TWS Good Wood rankings.

Transworld’s top 10 men’s boards over $400 – 2010

  1. K2 Believer
  2. Nitro Wiig
  3. Burton Uninc
  4. Nitro Team
  5. Ride DH
  6. Lib Tech Skate Banana
  7. Salomon Official
  8. DC MLF
  9. GNU Riders Choice BTX
  10. Rome Mod

All mountain snowboards – the ones I’m deciding between
One of these it getting bought by me. Which will it be?

  1. K2 Believer
  2. K2 Zeppelin
  3. Arbor Element

More to come over the next few weeks.

4 Responses to “Snowboarding Gear – 2010-2011”

  1. berbs Says:

    i actually bought a lib tech cygnus x1 and it f’n RIPS! from sick deal.

  2. berbs Says:

    thats right, i went back and picked up some grenade gloves and holden goggles too. solstice is sick.

  3. lukeduke Says:

    The arbor roundhouse is an absolutely sick all mountain board.

  4. Isaac Says:

    Hi guys,

    I was getting in touch to let you know about another retailer who is UK based you might be interested in checking out for discount snowboards and equipment:

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