Duathlon training

Sunday, 09. 21. 2008  –  Category: Mountain biking, Running

6 days to go before the Xtreme Terrain Festival and the 10k/24k/5k run/mountain bike/run event I’m taking part in. Spent this morning doing a little bike maintenance, switched my road tyres for off-roads in preparation, and did what probably will be my last training run.

I did roughly the equivalent of half the distance in each section: 5k run, followed by about 12k on the bike and finishing with a short run of about 1-2k or so.

My legs are feeling good after an intensive 4 days walking the coastal paths of Islay and Arran last week, but I think I’m going to be pretty tired after the event next week. Looking forward to it though.


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  1. shem Says:

    Hi, Im thinking of starting to try some local duathlons myself, off road based ones. I cycle a lot and have competed on a lot of Enduro rides already. have you found it big jump from just cycling?

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