Wakeskating movie – passion:wakeskate

Tuesday, 02. 28. 2012  –  Category: Video

I get a lot of emails from PR companies representing brands, which is fine, but fewer emails from individuals looking for some airtime. I got one today from Bernhard Schinn with a link to his wakeskate video. He said… this is Bernie from Munich, Germany. I shot this summer a short Wakeskate video called “passion:wakeskate”. […]

Globe Bantam Cruiser skateboard

Saturday, 02. 4. 2012  –  Category: Video

I was the happy recipient of a Globe Bantam Cruiser for Christmas a couple of months ago. I don’t think I’ve owned or even ridden any kind of skateboard since I sold my Santa Cruse Jesse James deck to fund a bass guitar purchase almost 20 years ago! (Wow, time flies, and yes I really […]

The Art of Flight movie

Saturday, 02. 19. 2011  –  Category: Snowboarding, Video

Just watched the trailer for forthcoming “The Art of Flight” movie. Looks like the bar set by “That’s it, That’s All” and “Deeper” is going to be raised again. Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones and several others take on Alaska, Romania and Austria. You know what to expect. Here’s the Art of Flight trailer. Enjoy.

Johno Verity & Eric Themel avalanche video

Saturday, 11. 27. 2010  –  Category: Snowboarding, Video

Update: Just watched this again and thought I’d re-post as a reminder at the start of the season that it can be dangerous out there… Check out this dramatic footage of Johno Verity and Eric Themel, who got caught in an avalanche whilst filming in Mount Cook, New Zealand. Dramatic stuff, and a timely reminder […]

I missed all the half-pipe snowboarding at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics last week, including Shaun White’s winning run. If you’ve checked YouTube you’ll struggle to find it anywhere. However mpora came up with the goods. Albeit a camcorder pointed at a tv screen. Still, you can see Shaun White pulling double whatevertheyrecalled mcnuggets with […]

Snowboarding off cliffs

Saturday, 11. 28. 2009  –  Category: Snowboarding, Video

Skiing or snowboarding off a cliff. The idea sounds frankly nuts in itself. Watching a good skier or snowboarder flying off a cliff-drop is spectacular and awe inspiring, but given the right conditions (powder) and landing (steep enough incline) isn’t as hard as it looks. You can’t hurt yourself in the air after all :-) […]

Absinthe’s Neverland movie filmed in Cervinia

Thursday, 10. 1. 2009  –  Category: Snowboarding, Video

I’m currently planning what will be my first snowboarding trip of the season – Cervinia for the 8th time I think in December. The Indian Park blog jogged my memory that the latest offering from the Absinthe boys was filled in none other than Breuil-Cervinia, amongst other spots. The trailer looks pretty sweet. I’ve not […]

Jeremy Jones Profile: Boots are Made for Walking

Sunday, 02. 22. 2009  –  Category: Snowboarding, Video

Don’t usually cover pro snowboarders here, but thought this Jeremy Jones video was pretty cool. Jeremy is a big advocate of watching your carbon footprint, and is founder/CEO of POW: Protect Our Winters, a “non-profit organization dedicated to reversing the global warming crisis by uniting the winter sports community”. Over the years, the name “Jeremy […]

Nike Sweetspots video

Wednesday, 01. 14. 2009  –  Category: Video

I was pinged with a link to this video widget from Nike ACG. To be honest, I had a 2 second look and binned it as it looked too big brand, slick & salesy. I only took a second look when I saw it posted on pistehors.com and realised – if you dig a little […]

AKA Snowskate Sweet Dreams video

Friday, 10. 10. 2008  –  Category: Snowboarding, Video

Fresh from youtube, uploaded today. A slice of snowboarding in England – a country with no real snow and few hills. Enjoy. Part 1: Part 1 with Jamie Nicholls and Wayne Taylor (AKA Snowskate) Part 2: Featuring Boo and Matt Macwhirter Part 3: Featuring Friends of AKA (Ben Wall, Joe Tyler, Tyler Harding, Rick Campbell, […]

A man is wanted in Germany for breaking the speed limit on a motorway, traveling at 100kph in an 80 zone… on a skateboard. Video above from the Telegraph. The film clip, which has surfaced on internet websites, shows several cars escorting the skateboarder, allowing his collaborators to record the event. The German magazine, Stern, […]

10 great reasons to be a snowboarder

Wednesday, 01. 23. 2008  –  Category: Snowboarding, Video

Just saw this post up on Chamonix.eu.com listing – ahem – “10 great reasons not to become a snowboarder”. Seeing as that site is run by an old mate of mine I thought I’d entertain a little post in response. Seems all good to me. 1. You will probably die. Get busy living, or get […]

Snowboarding in Scotland

Tuesday, 11. 6. 2007  –  Category: Snowboarding, Video

Living in London, you always look to mainland Europe when thinking about your next snowboarding trip. I’d been meaning to post this photo taken at Glencoe in Scotland earlier this year by the guys at Highland Instinct. What a cracking sight. Added: just watched this cracking video of some lads hitting up Scottish backcountry… Play […]

Pembrey Dry Slope Snowboarding Video

Wednesday, 10. 31. 2007  –  Category: Snowboarding, Video

I was pinged today with this video filmed at Pembrey Dry Slope. Good to see UK snowboarders going to the effort.

The Stash, Avoriaz freestyle / freeride Burton run

Wednesday, 10. 24. 2007  –  Category: Video

A new, organic freestyle / freeride run is being installed at Avoriaz for the new season, scheduled for Jan 08. The Stash at Avoriaz will feature a shedload of natural hits, rails and gaps and can be reached via the Prolays 6-pack chairlift. There’s a pdf map of the course up on the Rude Chalets […]

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