Packing for first snowboard trip of the season

Thursday, 12. 6. 2012  –  Category: Snowboarding

If packing is ever a pleasure (debatable) its when you’re packing for snowboarding. I’m heading out this evening for my first trip of the season, back to Cervinia for our usual season opener. The bag is half packed, and after reading a good post on packing for a season from Peak Leaders, I thought I’d […]

Updated now with the right link! I’m selling a large, unused (boxed, tagged) Giro nine.10 helmet on ebay. Its as pictured, a dark brown colour called Matt Umber. I bought it online without measuring my head (daft) and realised its too big for me, and then didn’t send it back to the retailer within the […]

Snowboard & ski fitness program from GoPro

Tuesday, 11. 6. 2012  –  Category: Snowboarding

I spotted a tweet from Jeremy Jones last night with a link to a post with the 3rd of 3 videos from his Further camp pals Bibi Tölderer-Pekarek and Mitch Tölderer. I’ve been slowly ramping up my training, and will see about trying out the recommended routines here. A friend has recently been raving about […]

The Art of Flight movie

Saturday, 02. 19. 2011  –  Category: Snowboarding, Video

Just watched the trailer for forthcoming “The Art of Flight” movie. Looks like the bar set by “That’s it, That’s All” and “Deeper” is going to be raised again. Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones and several others take on Alaska, Romania and Austria. You know what to expect. Here’s the Art of Flight trailer. Enjoy.

Wakeboarding frozen out

Friday, 12. 3. 2010  –  Category: Snowboarding

As if you need a more blatant sign than the knee-high snow outside your doorstep, you know it’s time to wax up your snowboard when you get an email like this from your local wakeboarding club… Cable Wakeboarders Both Cable One and Cable Two are frozen over – as such we will not be able […]

Johno Verity & Eric Themel avalanche video

Saturday, 11. 27. 2010  –  Category: Snowboarding, Video

Update: Just watched this again and thought I’d re-post as a reminder at the start of the season that it can be dangerous out there… Check out this dramatic footage of Johno Verity and Eric Themel, who got caught in an avalanche whilst filming in Mount Cook, New Zealand. Dramatic stuff, and a timely reminder […]

2010-2011 snowboard season

Wednesday, 11. 17. 2010  –  Category: Snowboarding

New season around the corner and it’s time to rattle out a rare post with a quick update on my snowboard plans. First up I won a week’s holiday in St Anton. In less than 4 weeks time I’ll be enjoying my first turns in one of the greatest resorts in the world for off-piste […]

Finding cheap flights to ski resorts

Monday, 11. 15. 2010  –  Category: Snowboarding

Updating this old post with a little more info. Getting enough snowboarding in in a season is down to a few factors: Getting your mates up for it. Having the necessary funds. Getting time off work. If 1 is a problem, you can always get some new friends or go on your own. I’m wrestling […]

A few snowboard trips

Thursday, 03. 18. 2010  –  Category: Snowboarding

It’s finally Winter Olympics time, so I thought I’d post this picture in honour of the half-pipe kicking off today, courtesy of Constantin at the HighBallBlog. I’ve had a few random snowboard trips to report on this season. Firstly, 4 days in Cervinia back in December. A fun trip with 6 of us out for […]

I missed all the half-pipe snowboarding at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics last week, including Shaun White’s winning run. If you’ve checked YouTube you’ll struggle to find it anywhere. However mpora came up with the goods. Albeit a camcorder pointed at a tv screen. Still, you can see Shaun White pulling double whatevertheyrecalled mcnuggets with […]

I just watched the trailer for the forthcoming Jeremy Jones movie Deeper. This film is going to raise the bar for snowboarding movies once again. In fact, this looks like no ordinary snowboard movie and I can’t see how anyone is going to match this. You can read more about the film over at the […]

Setting up Flow bindings

Tuesday, 12. 1. 2009  –  Category: Snowboarding

Republishing this post as it’s been attracting comments ever since we originally posted in November 2006 Nothing seems to cause more dispute amongst snowboarders than the dispute over Flow bindings. Added comfort vs. lack of control No strap pain vs. extra weight Cool as you like vs. WTF is that? Buy Flow bindings online Choose […]

Snowboarding off cliffs

Saturday, 11. 28. 2009  –  Category: Snowboarding, Video

Skiing or snowboarding off a cliff. The idea sounds frankly nuts in itself. Watching a good skier or snowboarder flying off a cliff-drop is spectacular and awe inspiring, but given the right conditions (powder) and landing (steep enough incline) isn’t as hard as it looks. You can’t hurt yourself in the air after all :-) […]

New season, new Salomon boots and bindings

Saturday, 11. 7. 2009  –  Category: Snowboarding

Last season I picked up a new snowboard – the K2 Believer. I’ve just added to the new set-up with new boots and bindings – Salomon F22 boots and Salomon Relay Thruster bindings. I realised last season that both boots and bindings were feeling quite soft and not giving me the precise control I was […]

K2 Slayblade review

Saturday, 10. 10. 2009  –  Category: Snowboarding

I’ve been flicking through this seasons gear in the latest Snowandrock catalogue and one snowboard that’s caught my eye is the K2 Slayblade. Only in researching this post did I realise this board has been brought in to replace the K2 Zeppelin – a board with a 13 year history, and generally known as one […]

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