Duathlon training – stepping up

Saturday, 06. 13. 2009  –  Category: Mountain biking, Running

I’m planning on competing in a few duathlons this autumn, starting in just over 3 months time at the Xtreme Terrain Festival where I ran my first duathlon last year. Following that I have my eye on an adventure race in October (10k, 25k MTB, 1.5 kayak), and hoping to do both the Mudman duathlon […]

Xtreme Terrain Festival Full Duathlon

Saturday, 11. 8. 2008  –  Category: Mountain biking, Running

I took part in the Xtreme Terrain Festival Full Duathlon at the end of September. Here’s a quick write up… drafted a few weeks ago, but hadn’t got round to publishing until now. The XTF was hosted at Hawley Lake, Camberley on an army training ground. A series of events were taking place including a […]

Duathlon training

Sunday, 09. 21. 2008  –  Category: Mountain biking, Running

6 days to go before the Xtreme Terrain Festival and the 10k/24k/5k run/mountain bike/run event I’m taking part in. Spent this morning doing a little bike maintenance, switched my road tyres for off-roads in preparation, and did what probably will be my last training run. I did roughly the equivalent of half the distance in […]

Xtreme Terrain Festival duathlon

Thursday, 09. 4. 2008  –  Category: Mountain biking, Running

I’ve entered a duathlon, coming up in 4 weeks time. The Xtreme Terrain Festival is taking place at Hawley Lake, Camberley, and offers a choice of events from: 10k cross country run Off road duathlon – run, bike, run Off road triathlon – swim, bike, run Xtreme Terrain Aquathon – swim, run There are sprint […]

Tough Guy 2008: Nettle Warrior – Year of the Iron Fist

Sunday, 08. 17. 2008  –  Category: Running

I entered an event called Tough Guy recently, my first running event since 2002! And what an event it is. Probably best described as an extreme assualt course. In their own words: The phenomena of Tough Guy¬© has now evolved into cult status with mythical legends to a world wide audience and competitors from every […]

Snowboard furniture

Friday, 03. 2. 2007  –  Category: Running, Snowboarding

Bored with the usual sofa beds and want some funkier furniture to remind you of your love for all things snowboarding? Try these for starters:

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