10 classic drum & bass tunes

Wednesday, 11. 14. 2012  –  Category: Music

Sad times. I’ve got to make some room and need to let my old decks and vinyl collection move on to a new home. There’s well over 200 pieces of vinyl going. I’ll paste the full list below. If you’re interested, drop me a comment here or via the contact form and I’ll get back […]

Metallica cover of Iron Maiden’s Remember Tomorrow

Tuesday, 05. 19. 2009  –  Category: Music

Heard this today and thought it was worth a post. Iron Maiden classic “Remember Tomorrow” covered by Metallica in 2008 I think. A cracking cover, slightly reworked from the original. Early days Maiden signer Paul Dianno wrote the lyrics about “a friend” who loved a bit of LSD. Unchain the colours before my eyes, Yesterday’s […]

Just Buggin’ (Nothing Serious), Whistle

Sunday, 09. 7. 2008  –  Category: Music

Catching up on some of my snowboard blog RSS feeds, and was reading Kat’s playlist and saw this absolute classic. Can’t believe this was out in 1985 – I would have been 6 or 7 years old, but still remember most of the words. We’re called Whistle and this is true We love to do […]

Giles Peterson Radio 1 Show

Friday, 08. 22. 2008  –  Category: Music

For those that don’t know Giles Peterson, let me give you a few links and a quick summary. Lets kick off with Wikipedia’s introduction: Gilles Peterson (born c. 1964[1]) is a DJ, record collector and record label owner from London, UK. Through his labels Acid Jazz, Talkin’ Loud, and latterly Brownswood Recordings, he has been […]

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