Choosing Your First Skateboard: A How-To Guide

Saturday, 02. 9. 2013  –  Category: Everything else

Guest post here from Let me know what you think in the comments. So, you’ve decided to buy a skateboard. I’m not sure what may have compelled you to do this. Perhaps you were playing Skate 3 on your Xbox and got cocky. Maybe you’re already partial to an extreme sport or two, and […]

Wakeboard bindings for sale

Saturday, 08. 4. 2012  –  Category: Everything else

I’m selling a pair of Liquid Force Ultra wakeboard bindings over on Gumtree. Make me an offer if you’re interested. They’re size Medium – which I think would suit UK size 5-8. I’m a size 9 and they’re too small for me. Questions in the comments if you have any, or drop me a line […]

Whilst I’m not an iphone, ipod or any kind of Mac gadget user, I could see the sense in the Speedaura app for snowboarders who listen to tunes whilst out on the hill. Steve offer to write us a guest post, so here it is. Over to Steve… “When I was learning to board last […]

A man is wanted in Germany for breaking the speed limit on a motorway, traveling at 100kph in an 80 zone… on a skateboard. Video above from the Telegraph. The film clip, which has surfaced on internet websites, shows several cars escorting the skateboarder, allowing his collaborators to record the event. The German magazine, Stern, […]

Justice for the 96

Sunday, 04. 15. 2007  –  Category: Everything else

18 years ago today 96 people, all Liverpool Football Club supporters, died in a disaster at the Hillsborough football ground in Sheffield. Today is a day to remember those that went to that game that day, both those that didn’t return and those that did, and their friends and families. The Justice Campaign is as […]

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