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Sad times. I’ve got to make some room and need to let my old decks and vinyl collection move on to a new home. There’s well over 200 pieces of vinyl going. I’ll paste the full list below. If you’re interested, drop me a comment here or via the contact form and I’ll get back you.

However, lets celebrate 10 of the best drum’n'bass tunes of all time as voted for by, well, just me. In no particular order…

10. Souljah – Fade 2 Black
Hard edged Amen break classic tech jungle from Lemon D.

9. Ed Rush & Optical – Gas Mask/Bacteria
Technically these are 2 separate tracks, but in my mind so intrinsically linked. One had the A side, the other the B. On my version I think the labels are the wrong way round so was never sure which track had which name. Anyway, Virus defined the drum and bass sound of the late 90′s. These 2 tunes set the standard and always had a place in any of my sets.

8. Bad Company – Pulse
Back when Bad Company were still called Bad Company, DJ Fresh and pals followed in the footsteps laid down by Ed Rush & Optical, producing dancefloor smashing, tech-stepping dnb. The Nine was arguably their buggiest tune, dropped for years to come by all the top DJs, but I’m including the Pulse here. Pulse kicks off nicey nicey, with light synth chords, then drops away to an electronic pulse before smashing in with the baseline. This was tune of the night at the Metalheadz NYE party in Brighton 98/99, and getting on my list for that reason alone.

7. Future Cut – Whiplash
Back with the Amen break, Manchester duo Future Cut dropped this classic on a Renegade Hardware compilation and smashed away all 7 other slabs of vinyl in the pack with this banging tune. Wait for the drop about 2 and half minutes in. Then rewind it.

6. DJ Die – Clear Skyz
First listing here for Bristol’s Full Cycle crew. Punchiest drop in the business.

5. Marcus Intalex & ST Files – How you make me feel
Liquid style from Manchester duo who went on to produce under the name M.I.S.T. At the time this dropped, Intalex was running the biggest monthly dnb night in Manchester, known more for his Amen smashers than the smooth styles he championed as producer. This was the first taste of the new direction. Absolute classic, and an all time personal favourite.

4. Doc Scott – The Unofficial Ghost
Wu Tang sampling Metalheadz classic, needs no further introduction.

3. Peshay a.k.a. Special Forces – Something Else… The Bleeps Tune
Super tech sounding, completely original sound from Peshay. Remember Fabio playing this for the first time on his Radio 1 show and going nuts about it. Still sounds as fresh today, where so much music in this genre lasts no longer than the first rewind before it starts dating.

2. Krust – Kloaking Device
Another slice from Full Cycle, this time Krust. Amens and a great vocal sample.

1. Big Bud – State of Mind
One from the Good Looking stable to round off the list. Lovely synth bass sounds.

Incidentally, I’ve also got a pair of Gemini PT2100 decks and a mixer going, and here’s the full list of vinyl. Its mostly made up of late 90′s and early 2000′s dnb. Loads of RAM, Full Cycle, V, 31, Virus etc., from the producers you’d expect – Andy C, Ed Rush & Optical, Roni Size, Krust, Die, Dillinja, Future Cut, Intalex… I could go on.

Label Producer A side B side Notes
? Ryme Time Technoid
31 Records Nasty Habbits Shaddow Boxing
31 Records Nasty Habbits Liquid Fingers
31 Records Marcus Intalex & ST Files How you make me feel
31 Records The Insiders Deep Down White label
31 Records Nasty Habbits Liquid Fingers (Goldie Remix)
31 Records Marcus Intalex & ST Files Love & Happiness
31 Records Caliber / Artificial Intelligence / MIST (Photek rmx) / D Kay DJ Lee Kingz of the Rollders EP vol 2 Inc. How you make me feel (Photek rmx)
31 Records Doc Scot / Usual Suspects / Digital / Klute Kingz of the Rollders EP vol 1 Inc. NHS (Total Science rmx) / Deadline (Ed Rush & Optical rmx) 2 x vinyl
Bad Company Recordings Bad Company The Nine
Bad Company Recordings DJ Shaddow six days (Bad Company rmx)
Bad Company Recordings Bad Company 4 days (moving fusion mx)
Bingo DJ Zinc Steppin’ Stones South Pacific
Bingo DJ Zinc Call Me Star Wars White label
Bingo DJ Zinc Fair fight As we do
Creative Source Caliber Deep Everytime
Creative Source John B Hold it down
Creative Source Caliber Mystic
Creative Source Fabio presents… Liquid Funk
Cubik Music Peshay You got me burning
Dread Ray Keith Chopper
DVS1 Unknown vs Sunshine Anderson Heard it all Before
Ebony Shy FX Shake Your Body
Fallen Angels 21 Alex Reece Pulp Fiction 2000 5 x vinyl
Formation Twisted Individual Bandwagon Blues
Formation World of Drum & Bass LP 8 x vinyl
Formation Jass & Bass sessions 2 x vinyl
Formation DJ SS presents Jazz and Bass Session IV part 2 2 x vinyl
Formation Sound of the future The Lighter
Full Cycle Reel time essential
Full Cycle Breakbeat era rancid rinse
Full Cycle Breakbeat era ultra obscene
Full Cycle krust coded language (roni size rmx)
Full Cycle I kamanchi Never can tell
Full Cycle Roni Size Brown Paper Bag
Full Cycle Clipz Sound Boy
Full Cycle I kamanchi hold it down
Full Cycle on point (taken from through the eyes LP)
Full Cycle krust Kloaking Device
Full Cycle Kamanchi Hey DJ
Full Cycle Die Clear Skyz
Full Cycle J-Raq waiting for the bass
Full Cycle Roni Size – Reprazent In the mode 4 x vinyl
Full Cycle roni size playtime
Full Cycle Die Drop Bear
Full Cycle roni size 26 bass
Full Cycle Various Through the eyes EP 3 x vinyl
Good looking LTJ Bookem Suspended space EP 2 x vinyl white label
Good looking LTJ Bookem Demons Theme
Good looking various Poimts in time 9 3 x vinyl
Hard Beats Mainframe Outer limits
Hard Leaders Souljah Fade 2 Black white label
Hard Leaders Total Science / Digital / etc… Fire EP 3 x vinyl
Hard Leaders Peshay / Capone 2 da 1
Hospital Records London Elictricty My dreams
Hospital Records London Elictricty Rewind
Hospital Records Out patients (double pack, promo only)
Hospital Records High Contrast Basement track
Infrared New generation (part 1) inc. No Badness (J Majik) 3 x vinyl
Infrared Furture Cut The Specialist
Infrared J Majik ft. Kathy Brown Loves not a game 4 x vinyl
Infrared J Majik presents Infrastructure
Kaos Recordings Distorted Minds T-10
Kaos Recordings Adam F ft. MOP Stand Clear
Metalheadz Total Science Jungle Jungle
Metalheadz Ruffige Kru Ark Angel
Metalheadz MIST Universe
Metalheadz Platinum Breaks 2 5 x vinyl
Metalheadz Klute Don’t Wanna be alone
Metalheadz John B Up all night
Metalheadz Hidden Agenda Swing Time
Metro Optical The Shining
Moshka Kosheen Hide U
Movement Marky The Brazillian Job
Moving Shaddow Cloud 9 (remixes) Ultimate seduction 10 inch
Moving Shaddow E-Z rollers Titles of the unexpected 4 x vinyl
Moving Shaddow Trace West Coast Flavour 10 inch, blue
Moving Shaddow Omni Trio Nu Birth
Moving Shaddow Aquasky nightvision
Moving Shaddow Omni Trio Meltdown
Moving Shaddow E-Z rollers cops don’t likeus
Moving Shaddow Omni Trio Meltdown (2000)
Moving Shaddow Known:Unknown Rollers edit Chaos edit
penny black S.A.M. Destiny
photek productions special forces something else … the bleeps tune
photek productions special forces the end
Phuteristic blues Blue Sonics Come on
Pirana Jonny L lets roll
poison the dragon noodles
Prototype Ed Rush & Optical Cutslo Alien Girl
Prototype Bad Company the pulse
Prototype Grooverider where’s jack the ripper
Prototype the prototype years 3 x vinyl
Prototype Trace sonar
RAM Ram Raiders pt 1 (promo/White labels)
ram records Fresh music maker ep 2 x vinyl
ram records origin unknown truly one remixes
ram records origin unknown valley of the shaddows
ram records ram trilogy evolution
ram records ram trilogy mind overload white label
ram records Busta Rhymes Woo Ha (origin unknown)
ram records ram trilogy Titan EP 2 x vinyl
ram records Shimon & Andy C Body rock
ram records Ram Raiders pt 3 3 x vinyl
ram records Moving Fusion Thunderball
ram records origin unknown Sound in motion 5 x vinyl
Rareform Rareform vs Eminem I am
RAWKUTS Mos Def / Pharo Monch Oh no (john B rmx)
Renegade Hardware Dillinja Twist ‘Em Out
Renegade Hardware Furture Cut Bloodline EP
Renegade Hardware Armagedon LP 7 x vinyl
Renegade Hardware Konflict Cyanide
Renegade Hardware Solid State Point of no return inc. Just a Vision
Renegade Hardware Total Science Street level EP 2 x vinyl
Renegade Hardware Konflict Bad Acid
Renegade recordings Fellowship Multitude of Sins
Serious records Matrix vs Goldtrix Its Love (trippin)
Signature Caliber + Fats Drop it down
Soul:r MIST Outterspace Jam Hot
Soul:r St Cal Red Light
Soul:ution MIST v High Contrast / Sonic & Silver / Total Science / MIST vs Marky & XRS 3am / Under the Sun Dee Pee / Sunshine 2 x vinyl
Strong Dynamite MC The Scene
Talkin Loud 4 hero Earth Pioneers 2 x vinyl
True Playaz Pascal A new p-funk era EP P-funk 2000; Serious sounds [vip]; the calm; chinese whispers; smooth terrain; downttown exposure 3 x vinyl
True Playaz DJ Zinc Present Tense EP Casino Royale (remix); Ska; Attitude Sickness; Invisible Ink 2 x vinyl
True Playaz Pascal/ Zinc Clap Hands / Its Gonna Rain Gravel / Capacity 2 x vinyl
True Playaz Dope Skillz No Diggidy
True Playaz DJ Hype Peace, Love & Unity
True Playaz DJ Red Everything has changed
True Playaz Dope Skillz Pink Panther
UFO Ray Keith Terrordome 2002
Urban Takeover Micky Finn & Aphrodite Bad Ass
V Recordings krust Warhead
V Recordings jagged edge rock baby
V Recordings roni size & die the calling
V Recordings drumsounds & simon baseline smith freestyle mambo
V Recordings Marky & XRS LK
V Recordings Marky & XRS The Brasil EP 2 x vinyl
V Recordings Goldie the calling (rmx)
V Recordings various Planet V 8 x vinyl
Valve Dillinja Cybotron 5 x vinyl
Valve Dillinja Nasty Ways
Virus Ed Rush & Optical The Creeps 5 x vinyl
Virus Ed Rush & Optical Bacteria (Pendulum rmx) Gas Mask (rmx)
Virus Ryme Time + Optical / Bad Company Twisted 2 x vinyl
Virus Ryme Time We Enter
Virus Ed Rush & Optical Gas Mask Bacteria
Virus Ed Rush & Optical Pacman (RAM trilogy rmx)
Warner Uncut (MIST vip rmx) Midnight
white Fugees Or Not Ready or not (rmx)
Wired Uncut Midnight (original) Midnight (MIST rmx)
XL Jonny L 20 degrees
ZTT mc tunes vs 808 state the only rhyme that bites (optical rmx)
MJ Cole Hold on to me Sincere (Marcus Intalex & ST files remix)
Intalex Play White label
Intalex ? Soul 80 / Love thing

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